Rainbocorns are colourful plush animals with a little unicorn style. Each surprise collectible plush comes hidden in its own egg, with just a magical unicorn horn and a sequined heart peeking out.

Can you guess who’s inside? Unbox your Rainbocorn toy to find out! Will you hatch open a magical unicorn? A fabulous flamingo? Or what about a llama?

Rainbocorns have super fluffy manes and wings, cuddly plush bodies and colourful sparkly eyes, making them a fabulous addition to any soft toy collection. Kids will love cuddling up with these fabulous friends just as much as they’ll enjoy the exciting unboxing experience. Reversible sequins add to the fun – just flip the sequins to draw colourful patterns on your Rainbocorn’s heart! Kids can store their plush pal inside the egg or keep them out for cosy cuddles and imaginative play.

The Rainbocorns Plush Big Bow Surprise is the biggest, fluffiest Rainbocorn toy yet. Hatch open the giant golden egg to uncover your giant plush pal and 25 layers of surprises. Each Big Bow Surprise comes with 3 surprise Bow-Bowcorn eggs to hatch and a sparkly Big Bow kids can wear.

Discover a world of rainbows and magical fun with Rainbocorns.

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