OG Membership FAQ

Applying For OG Membership

  1. How do I become an OG Member?
    You can apply for OG Membership by registering on our OG Member’s Portal.

  2. What is the minimum purchase to qualify for an OG Membership?
    To qualify as a Basic Member, there is no minimum spending required.
    To upgrade from Basic to Gold Member, there are different qualifiers:
    1. during the OG Anniversary Sale, you need to spend a minimum of $75 nett in any OG store on the same day.
    2. after the OG Anniversary Sale, a minimum same-day purchase of $300 nett.
    OG Rewards redemption items and purchase of OG Shopping Vouchers do not count toward the minimum spend.

  3. Can I combine more than one receipt to make up the minimum purchase?
    Yes, you may combine as many receipts as long as the purchases were all made on the same day and you have quoted your membership ID to the cashier at payment.

  4. Do I have to apply for OG Membership on the same day as my qualifying purchase/s?
    Yes, you must be registered on our online member's portal before making your payment so that your transaction will be credited to your account.

  5. Can I apply for OG Membership in person?
    Yes, if you need assistance with online registration, please approach a Customer Service staff.

  6. Can I upgrade to Gold Membership using purchases I’ve made before I registered as a Basic Member?
    No, you must first register to become a Basic Member in order to have an online account for your purchases to be linked to it.

  7. What is the validity period of my OG Membership?
    The OG Gold membership is valid for one year, from the issue date until 30 September the following year. However, members have up to 31 October to redeem their accumulated rewards points.

    The OG Basic Membership has no expiry date.

  8. Can I get the OG Membership outside of the OG Anniversary Sale period?
    The OG Membership can be applied for during the annual OG Anniversary celebrations with a lower qualifying spend. It is our special way of thanking you, our loyal customers.

    After the OG Anniversary Sale, a minimum same-day purchase of $300 nett is required.

Rewards Points

  1. How can I earn Rewards Points when making a purchase?
    When making a purchase, simply produce your virtual OG Membercard on your phone or tell our cashier your mobile no. or email address and your purchases will be linked to your valid OG Member account, allowing you to earn rebate and rewards points.

  2. How can I check my Rewards points balance?
    Apart from our OG Member’s Portal, you may check your points balance at any of our Customer Service or cashier counters. Self-checking is available using the machine mounted on the wall at the entrance to Customer Service at any OG store.

  3. Why do I have to top-up cash in order to redeem items in the OG Rewards programme?
    The OG Rewards Points are a bonus benefit of the OG Card, under which OG selects premium products and offers them at a heavy subsidy to our loyal customers. In response to customer feedback, we strike a balance between a reasonable number of points together with a small cash top-up, rather than requiring high points balances for redemption of items.

  4. Can I exchange my rewards points for shopping vouchers or rebates? Yes. Currently, you can redeem a $5 OG Gift Voucher with 100 Rewards Points.

  5. If I did not link my purchases to my account at the time of purchase, can I get the rewards points re-credited to my account by presenting the receipt at a later time? No. The member must show his/her virtual OG Member card or inform the cashier his/her mobile no. or email address at the time of purchase.

  6. Can the Rewards Points accumulated in two or more OG member accounts owned separately by me and my family member or friend be merged?
    No. Rewards Points are not transferable from one OG Member account to another.

OG Marketing Collateral

  1. Why am I not receiving SMS / emails from OG?
    When making a purchase, simply produce your virtual OG Membercard on your phone or tell our cashier your mobile no. or email address and your purchases will be linked to your valid OG Member account, allowing you to earn rebate and rewards points.

  2. Why am I not receiving mailers from OG?
    We apologise that you have not been receiving information from us. It may be that your address has changed or is incorrectly recorded in our database. We do try to contact members whose printed mailers are returned, but sometimes the supplied contact telephone number is incorrect. Please contact us.

    or environmental reasons, OG makes a conscious effort to cut down on duplicate mailings. Our policy is to send only one copy of our printed mailers to any one address. Please let us know if you would like to receive a personal copy; we would be more than happy to oblige.

  3. How do I unsubscribe from SMS offers?
    You may unsubscribe by texting "X" to 71133.

  4. How do I unsubscribe from email newsletters?
    Please click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email newsletter.

  5. How do I unsubscribe from mailers?
    If you no longer wish to receive mailers, please tell us. You may also opt out of receiving mailers by ticking the appropriate box on the Membership application form when applying for OG Membership.

  6. How do I update my mailing address or other contact details?
    Please use this form or email us at feedback@og.com.sg. Alternatively you may change your details in person at any of our Customer Service counters.

Data Protection

  1. Do you protect the privacy of my personal information submitted via membership application?
    Yes. All personal data submitted will be kept confidential. OG will use your contact information only for communicating various marketing promotions.

    If your mailers are being returned as undeliverable, we may call your contact telephone number only in order to update our database with the correct mailing address.