OG Membership

No Physical Card 无卡制度

Since 29 August 2019 we have stopped issuing physical OG membership cards. In line with the Personal Data Protection Commission’s Advisory guidelines to limit the collection and use of NRIC or similar, we use customer’s Mobile No. or Email Address for membership registration


Membership Website 会员网站

Members can login to the OG Members' Portal at any time to check on their rebate or rewards points. They can also update their personal information, e.g. change address, or update marketing preferences, e.g. subscribe to emailer or printed mailer.


Membership Expiry 会员资格有效期

Gold Membership expires on 30 September each year.


Auto Renewal 自动更新

Gold Membership renewal runs in conjunction with the OG Anniversary Sale which typically starts on the last Thursday of August each year. With the implementation of this new system, simply spend the qualifying amount and be renewed for another year. You no longer need to bring your receipts to the renewal counter.

黄金会员资格的更新将与OG周年欢庆热卖同时进行,该热卖通常在每年8月份的最后一个星期四开始举办。 随着新会员计划的实施,会员只需消费达到符合资格的金额,即可持续更新一年OG会员。您再也无需携带收据到会员更新柜台处。

Types of Membership 会员类别

BASIC Member 基本会员

  • Simply register; no minimum spend needed!
  • Stay updated with all our offers
  • Lifetime membership 

GOLD Member 黄金会员

  • Equivalent to the former OG Card Member 
  • 10% Rebate on non-discounted merchandise
  • Gold Member-exclusive promotions
  • Invitations to special sale previews
  • Rewards Points redemption


10% Rebate on non-discounted merchandise when the Member tells the cashier his/her mobile no. or email address or shows the QR Code on the virtual OG Member card to the cashier. This is given as stored value redeemable for future purchase/s within the validity of the membership. Not given in conjunction with other promotions, for purchase of grey and red tag items, rewards redemption items, OG Shopping Vouchers, and for non-bona fide purchase/s. 

Gold Member-exclusive promotions 

Invitations to special sale previews 

Rewards points redemption 

  • Every $10 purchase with your OG GOLD Membership earns 1 rewards point, with the exception of OG gift vouchers and rewards redemption merchandise.
  • Rewards points under the 20232024 OG Membership must be redeemed by 31 Oct 2024.
  • Redemption items are available only in store while stocks last. Browse the available redemption items here.
  • The simplest way to check your rewards points balance is to login to OG Member's Portal or at Customer Service if you are in-store.

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