Dentons has been passionately making pillows for over 30 years. Designed and manufactured in Australia all under the roof of family owned parent company Camatic, Dentons uses advanced polyurethane technology to lovingly make a range of premium and innovative pillows for nightly dream states and deeply therapeutic benefits.

As one of the most innovative companies in Australia to manufacture commercial and venue seating for the global market from design concept through to finished product in a single location, it was a natural progression for Camatic to acquire Dentons in 1991 to bring a new dream to life. Applying their rich chemistry know-how, they pushed the boundaries of moulded foam to create a unique product that is soft yet durable and firm yet comfortable.

From selling novel types of pillows in the 80s, to exporting tens of thousands of Silent Knight pillows to 13 different countries in the 90’s, the evolution of Dentons’ winning pillow formulation was somewhat of an accidental discovery and has resulted in Dentons having the world’s best pillow foam patented as Softec™ and yet it has been a dream journey that many elated sleepers will agree, has seen Denton perfect the science of sleep.

“I am very proud to be associated with the world’s best product manufactured right here in Australia. With over 20 shapes and sizes Dentons can accommodate everybody for a perfect sleep”.

David Fisher
Chief Executive Officer

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