Why become an OGGM

Unlock all-year privileges with your OG Gold Membership!

Be an OG Gold Member (OGGM) with just $75 nett same-day spend from 24 Aug to 1 Oct 2023.

Why become an OGGM?

  • Get rewarded as you spend!
    • As an OGGM, every $10 purchase earns you 1 rewards point. With your rewards points, you can redeem attractive items at unbelievable special prices!
    • Check out the items available for rewards points redemption here!
  • OGGM-Exclusive promotions
    • Enjoy a range of OGGM Specials, exclusive offers just for OGGM!
  • Invitation to private sale
    • Exclusive admission to our annual closed-door private sale with the most amazing deals only for OGGM
  • First-hand news on promotions & deals


How to

#1 The first step: Sign up as a Basic Member!

Before you go on your shopping spree from now till 01 Oct 2023, be sure to sign up as a Basic Member here first!

Super important!

  • Without Basic Membership, your purchases will NOT entitle you for upgrade to OG Gold Membership.
  • Signing up for an account on the e-Shop is NOT the same as signing up for OG Basic Membership.

    Once you’re a Basic Member, simply spend $75 nett on the same day (but no later than 01 Oct 2023) and you will automatically be upgraded to OG Gold Member.

    To make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly, remember to provide the same phone number you used for signing up for Basic Membership.


    Your Gold membership will be automatically renewed for another year once you have spent the qualifying amount of $75 nett in the same day but no later than 01 Oct 2023.

    #2 Share the love! Gift your friends and family with OG Gold Membership!

    With every additional $75 nett spent* (on top of the first $75 which qualifies your upgrade to OGGM), you will receive an upgrade code that you can share with your friends and family!

    Once they go to their Basic Member account and enter the code, they will be upgraded to OGGM^ and can enjoy the exclusive privileges right away!

    Remember, this must be done no later than 01 Oct 2023.

    Click here for a visual guide on how to sign up for OG Membership and share upgrade codes!

    *Spend from maximum 3 same-day receipts. Each OGGM can receive a maximum of 5 upgrade codes.
    ^1 upgrade code allows for 1 upgrade to OGGM. The code cannot be used again once it has been used for an upgrade to OGGM. The code expires on 01 Oct 2023 if it is not used.