Go Green with OG—Bring Your Own Bag

Q: When will you start to charge for plastic bags? 什么时候开始对塑料袋收费?

A: Monday, 31 July 2023



Q: Why do you have to charge for plastic bags? 为什么塑料袋要收费?

A: The charge is in conjunction with the government's push to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags — in line with their campaign to “ditch disposables and bag a better future”. 

This prompts us to consider how many bags we really need, and we are nudged to bring our own reusable bags, to reduce the use of disposables. 

The plastic bag charge is an important step in our journey towards a Zero Waste Nation. We can all do our part to live more sustainably, reduce waste, and conserve resources to safeguard our environment for future generations.


Q: What are the charges for plastic bags? 塑料袋的收费是多少?

A: Each plastic bag is chargeable at 20 cents per bag, regardless of size. An adequate quantity and size of bags will be selected at our cashiers’ discretion. The total bag charge per transaction is capped at $1.

You may also opt for our reusable bags at $1 each.

无论尺寸,每个塑料袋均需支付 $0.20 的费用。我们的收银员将选择足够数量和尺寸适合的塑料袋。每笔交易的塑料袋总费用上限为 $1。

您也可以选择我们的可重复使用袋子,每个袋子 $1。

Q: What will OG do with the money collected from the plastic carrier bag charge? 

A: The collected proceeds will be used to support charitable programmes or sustainability-related initiatives.


Q: I have paid for the plastic bags during payment. However, I would like to opt for delivery service and you can pack my items into a carton box. Can I return the plastic bags to you for a refund? 我在付款时已经支付了塑料袋的费用。 但是,我想选择送货服务,您可以将我的物品包装到纸箱中。我可以将塑料袋退还给你们以获得退款吗?

A: Sorry, we are not able to provide a refund for the plastic bags. We will send the plastic bags to you with your items.


Q: Why must I pay when I’m using only one plastic bag? Surely the environmental cost will not be high. 为什么我只使用一个塑料袋就必须付费?一个袋子对环境的影响不会太大吧。

Every bag counts! Using a reusable bag for one year could reduce the use of 125 plastic bags, according to our government’s environmental impact study.  Less waste equals to lower carbon footprint. We can all do our part to protect this Earth we live in.

根据我们政府的研究,使用可重复使用的袋子一年可以减少 125 个塑料袋的使用。减少浪费等于降低碳足迹。我们都可以尽自己的一份力量来保护我们的地球。

Q: Why not implement a bag ban instead of a bag charge? 为什么不实行塑料袋禁令,而是塑料袋收费?

A: A bag charge is likely to be more effective than a ban because it allows the consumer to make an active choice to reduce the number of bags used while providing an alternative should they forget to bring a reusable bag, or underestimate the quantity of reusable bags to bring.


Q: How can I ensure my items are well-packed and protected without double-bagging? 使用双层包装,如何确保我的物品包装完好并受到保护?

A: Reusable bags are often more durable than a single-use plastic bag and would serve as an appropriate carrier without the need for plastic bags or double-bagging.