OG 60th Anniversary Draw


  1. These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") shall apply to the "OG 60th Anniversary Lucky Draw" ("Lucky Draw") organised by OG Private Limited ("OG").
  2. By registering or taking part in the Lucky Draw, you agree to be bound by these Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions and the decisions of OG in relation to and in connection with the Lucky Draw.
  3. The Lucky Draw comprises Weekly Prize Game 1 ("Game 1"), Weekly Prize Game 2 ("Game 2"), Weekly Prize Game 3 ("Game 3") and Grand Prize Game ("Grand Game").



  1. You must be 18 years and above (as of the start of the Lucky Draw Period) and be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or Singapore resident (with a valid employment pass or work permit) to participate in the Lucky Draw ("Participant(s)").
  2. The following categories of people are not eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw:
    • All permanent and/or contract employees ("Employees") of OG and their immediate family members (ie, spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters) ("Immediate Family Members").
    • All agencies and/or service providers engaged by OG (including but not limited to advertising agencies, promotions agencies, printing companies, event management agencies and any persons assisting or who are involved in the Lucky Draw) and their Employees and Immediate Family Members.
    • All vendors or suppliers that work with OG and their Employees and Immediate Family Members.

  3. OG has the absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of participants. Such determination shall be final and conclusive and OG is not obliged to give any reason for its determination.


Allocation of Lucky Draw Participation

  1. Every S$60 nett purchase in OG Department Stores and/or online at www.og.com.sg in a single receipt or order during the Qualifying Periods, participants will be entitled to 1 chance to choose a 6-digit (6D) number selected from 000000 to 999999 — henceforth referred to as the "Pick"—for the relevant Shortlisting Draw(s). Each receipt or order is limited to a maximum of 60 chances.
  2. Six additional chances to participate in the Grand Prize Game only will be given out to selected social media users who post and promote the Lucky Draw on their social media with the hashtag #OG60Win60k. Limited to 60 users per platform—Facebook, Instagram and TikTok—who will be chosen at OG's discretion based on creativity and/or number of shares. OG endeavours to view posts on a best efforts basis and may not feasibly be able to view all posts. Cut-off time for social media postings to qualify is 14 September 2022 23:59 hr or as may be determined by OG.
  3. Each Pick will be entered into the Shortlisting Draws to participate in the Grand Prize Game, and the Weekly Prize Game (if any) subject to the Qualifying Periods of the purchase.
  4. Qualifying purchases made in-store may access the submission form to participate in the Lucky Draw by either scanning the barcode on their receipt at our 6D Draw Kiosk in-store or online by accessing the unique weblink on their receipt.
  5. Qualifying purchases made online at www.og.com.sg will receive an email with the unique web link to the submission form.
  6. Each qualifying purchase is only valid for 1 submission and any duplicate submissions will be voided at OG's discretion.
  7. Qualifying Purchases and corresponding Pick submissions must both be made within the corresponding Qualifying Periods in order to be eligible for each of the four Games. For example, for a purchase made in the first qualifying period (25–31 Aug 2022), the Pick submissions must be made before 23:59:59 Singapore Time on 31 Aug, in order to qualify for Game 1. If submitted late, it will also not be eligible for Game 2 and Game 3, but will be eligible for the Grand Game. Timestamps made by OG's computer systems shall be final.
  8. 6D numbers will be generated by RANDOM.ORG on the Shortlisting Draw Dates. The matching of drawn 6D to participants' picks will be done in public at OG Albert Dept Store at 3pm on each Shortlisting Draw Date.
  9. For verifiability and reproducibility, the exact method of obtaining the Shortlisting Draw numbers is specified as follows: Go to: https://www.random.org/strings/, then click "Switch to Advanced Mode", then set string length to 6 characters, then choose "Use pregenerated randomization" choosing the date of Shortlisting Draw, then click "Get Strings". The other settings to be left at default as follows: Only numeric characters allowed. Each string to be unique.
  10. OG reserves the right to forfeit generated 6D numbers or generate more numbers so as to result in a number of shortlisted participants of between 6 and 10 (both inclusive) for the Weekly Prize Games and between 10 and 20 (both inclusive) for the Grand Prize Game.
  11. Shortlisted participants whose Picks match the generated numbers will be notified by phone or email to attend the relevant Game Event where shortlisted participants will play a game of chance to win the relevant Prize.
  12. OG will endeavour to hold the Lucky Draw on and at the date, time and location stipulated but reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to conduct the Lucky Draw by another mode in such circumstances as OG may deem appropriate.
  13. All shortlisted participants shall be notified by phone as indicated in their submission form on the day of or following the Shortlisting Draw Date. OG reserves the right to disqualify any shortlisted participant in the event there is no reply from the participant within 6 hours from the time of first contact attempt, and will proceed to contact the next reserve.
  14. OG reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the terms and conditions of the Lucky Draw. These include submissions without a valid Mobile Phone Number and/or Email Address, and/or valid OG receipt or online order number.
  15. There shall be only one winner of each Game.
  16. Winners must produce proof of identity (eg, NRIC or passport or valid FIN) upon prize collection.
  17. All winners will collect their prizes on the same day. Each winner will be presented with a winner's letter for acknowledging receipt of the Prize. If for any reason the prize is not collected, it will be donated to a charity at OG's sole and absolute discretion.
  18. The Lucky Draw results will be advertised on the OG website, and in The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao on 20 Oct 2022.
  19. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit and/or other items.
  20. Winners are not entitled to any payment or compensation from OG should their Prize be forfeited for whatsoever reason as OG may determine.
  21. The receipt by any winner of any prize under this Lucky Draw is conditional upon compliance with any and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  22. OG, its affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies
    • make no warranties or representations regarding the quality, fitness of purpose or any other implied terms and conditions in relation to the prizes, and
    • shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the following:
      1. any additional expenses incurred by participants for taking part in this Lucky Draw;
      2. any consequences, including but not limited to, any claim, loss of life, injury, defect or damage, that arises out of or in connection with this Lucky Draw or use of prizes;
      3. intervention by unauthorised parties during the Lucky Draw period; and
      4. electronic or human errors in the administration of the Lucky Draw and processing of Entries.
  23. By participating in the Lucky Draw, participants understand and agree:
    • that personal data including name, identification, mobile phone number, photographs, voice and video recordings may be collected, used, disclosed, and/or transferred by or between OG, its affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies for the purposes of conducting and administering the Lucky Draw including such matters as publicity and/or use in advertisements across all medias without further notification, remuneration or compensation whatsoever;
    • to the terms featured in OG's Privacy Policy: https://og.com.sg/pages/data-protection-notice-for-participants
  24. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute a release and discharge of OG by each winner from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, and/or damages which the winner may have, whether known or unknown, at the present time, of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or relating to the consent and/or any tax liabilities in relation to the prize.
  25. OG's decisions on all matters relating to the Lucky Draw will be at its sole and absolute discretion and are final, conclusive and binding on all participants.
  26. OG reserves the right, at any time without prior notice and in its sole and absolute discretion, without giving reason, to vary, amend, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions, and/or suspend, discontinue or terminate the Lucky Draw without assuming liability to any person.
  27. This Lucky Draw shall be governed by Singapore law and each participant agrees to submit any claim, dispute or controversy to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.

^Random colour of alpine green / graphite



  1. 本规则与条款(“规则与条款”) 适用于OG Private Limited (“OG”)举办的“OG 60周年幸运抽奖” (“幸运抽奖”)。
  2. 当您注册或参与此幸运抽奖,即表示您同意遵守幸运抽奖的规则与条款及OG有关幸运抽奖所做的决定
  3. 此幸运抽奖包括每周游戏1, 每周游戏2, 每周游戏3及大奖游戏。



  1. 您必须年满18岁及以上(在幸运抽奖活动开始时),并且是新加坡公民,新加坡永久居民或新加坡居民(持有有效的就业准证或工作准证),才能参加此幸运抽奖("参与者")。
  2. 以下类别的人员不能参加此幸运抽奖:
    • 所有OG 全职和/或合同员工("员工") 及其直系亲属(即夫妻,孩子,父母,兄弟姐妹) ("直系亲属")。
    • 所有OG 聘请的机构和/或服务供应商(包括但不限于广告代理,促销代理,印刷公司,活动管理机构及任何协助或参与幸运抽奖的人员) 及其员工和直系亲属。
    • 所有OG 的供应商或合作伙伴及其员工和直系亲属。
  3. OG 拥有绝对的酌情权确定参与者的资格。该决定为最终决定,OG没有义务就其决定提供任何理由。



  1. 在活动合格期间,凡在OG百货商店和/或网店 www.og.com.sg 消费 S$60净于单张收据或订单,参与者将获得一次机会选择一个从000000 至999999 的6位数号码(6D)— 以下称为"选择号码"—参加相关的入围抽奖。每张收据或订单仅限60次机会。
  2. OG将送出额外6次机会给在社交媒体使用 #OG60Win60K 分享并推广幸运抽奖的选定社交媒体用户。每个社交媒体平台(Facebook, Instagram 及 TikTok)仅限60位用户。OG 将根据社交媒体贴文的创意和/或分享次数自行选择用户。OG 将致力查阅贴文,但可能无法查阅所有贴文。社交媒体帖文符合资格的截止时间为 2022 年 9 月 14 日 23:59 或由OG 确定。
  3. 每个"选择号码"将进入入围抽奖,以参加大奖游戏,及每周游戏(如有),受限于消费的合格期限。
  4. 在店内购物符合消费资格可前往店内6D抽奖站,扫苗收据上的条形码获得提交表格,或通过收据上的专有网络链接在线提交表格以参加幸运抽奖。
  5. 在网店 www.og.com.sg 购物符合消费资格将收到一封电子邮件,其中含有提交表格的专有网络链接。
  6. 每个符合资格的消费仅限提交表格一次,任何重复提交将由OG自行决定无效。
  7. 符合资格的消费和相应的"选择号码"提交都必须在相应的合格期限内进行,以便有资格参加4项游戏中的每一项游戏。例如,对于在第一个消费合格期 (2022年8月25–31日)进行的购买, "选择号码"必须在8月31日新加坡时间 23:59:59 之前提交, 才能获得参加游戏 1 的资格。若延迟提交,将没有资格参加游戏2及游戏3,但有资格参加大奖游戏。OG 电脑系统产生的时间戳将做为最终决定。
  8. 6D号码将在入围抽奖日期由 RANDOM.ORG 产生。产生的6D号码和参与者"选择号码"的匹配将在每个入围抽奖日下午3点在 OG Albert 百货商场公开进行。
  9. 为了可验证性和可重复性,获得入围抽奖号码的确切方法如下:上网到:https://www.random.org/strings/,然后单击 "Switch to Advanced Mode",然后将字符串长度设置为 6 字符,然后选择 "Use pregenerated randomization" 选择入围抽奖的日期,然后单击 "Get Strings"。其他默认设置如下:Only numeric characters allowed. Each string to be unique.
  10. OG 保留放弃已产生的 6D 号码或产生更多号码的权利,以便每周游戏的入围参加人数为 6 至 10人(均含),大奖游戏的入围参加人数为 10 至 20 人(均含)。
  11. "选择号码"与产生的号码相匹配的入围参与者将收到电话或电子邮件通知参加相关的游戏活动,入围的参与者将玩一项机会游戏以赢取相关奖品。
  12. OG 将致力于规定的日期、时间和地点举行幸运抽奖,但保留在 OG 认为适当的情况下,全权酌情决定以其他方式进行幸运抽奖的权利。
  13. 所有入围参与者将在入围抽奖日当天或之后接获电话通知,电话将拨打至提交表格中所提供的电话号码。如果参与者在 OG 第一次尝试联系后 6 小时内没有回复,OG 保留取消任何入围参与者资格的权利,并将联系下一位候选参与者。
  14. OG 保留取消不符合幸运抽奖规则与条款的参与者资格的权利。其中包括没有提供一个有效的手机号码和/或电子邮件地址,和/或有效的 OG 收据或网店订单号。
  15. 每项游戏将只有一名获奖者。
  16. 获奖者在领取奖品时必须出示身份证明(例如 NRIC 身份证或护照,或有效的 FIN 外籍身份证)。
  17. 所有获奖者将在同一天领取奖品。每位获奖者将获颁一封优胜者信件,以确认收到奖品。 如果由于任何原因未能领取奖品,OG 将全权酌情决定,将奖品捐赠给慈善机构。
  18. 幸运抽奖的结果将于2022年10月20日在OG网站,海峡时报及联合早报上公布。
  19. 奖品不可转让并不可兑换成现金和/或其他物品
  20. 倘若奖品在某种 OG 所确定的因素下被没收,获奖者将无权向 OG 索取任何支付或赔偿。
  21. 此"幸运抽奖"的获奖者必须在遵守所有适用法律,法规和规章的条件下领领取任何奖品。
  22. OG, 其关联单位,广告和促销机构
    • 对于奖品的质量、适用性或任何其他隐含的条款和条件,不作任何保证或陈 述,并且
    • 对以下情况不承担任何责任:
      1. 参与者因参加此"幸运抽奖"而承担的任何额外费用;
      2. 因本次"幸运抽奖"或使用奖品而产生或与之相关的任何后果,包 括但不限于任何索赔、生命损失、身体伤害、缺陷或损坏;
      3. 在"幸运抽奖"期间遭受未经授权方的干预;和
      4. 执行"幸运抽奖"和处理号码提交过程中所发生的电子或人为错 误。
  23. 通过参加此"幸运抽奖", 参与者理解并同意:
    • OG、其关联单位、广告和促销机构在收集、使用、透露和/或彼此之间转移 的个人资料,包括姓名、身份证、手机号码、照片、语音和视频记录,以便进行和管理此"幸运抽奖",包括在所有媒体上进行宣传和/或在广告中使用等事项,恕不另行通知、支付报酬或补偿;
    • 遵守 OG 隐私政策中的条款: https://og.com.sg/pages/data-protection-notice-for-participants
  24. 接受任何奖品的获奖者同意对 OG 释放和解除任何及一切责任,索赔,要求,诉讼因由和/或伤害,无论是目前已知或未知的,任何性质的,因同意和/或与奖品有关的任何税务责任。
  25. OG 对于此"幸运抽奖"所有事项的决定将在 OG 唯一及绝对的酌情权下为最终决定,并对所有参与者具有约束力。
  26. OG 保留唯一及绝对的酌情权,在任何时间,不另行通知,不提供理由更改,修改,删除或添加任何规则与条款,和/或暂停,中止或终止此"幸运抽奖"。OG 无需对任何人承担责任。
  27. 本次抽奖活动将受新加坡法律管制,每位参与者同意将任何索赔、纠纷或争议提交新加坡共和国法院的非专属管辖权。

^ 随机送出高山绿色 / 石墨色