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Tasty Treat with Tanyu

Coca Cola x Chicken Wings? Yes!
A delectable harmony of sweet and savoury, Braised Cola Wings is a very popular side dish in Hong Kong and tastes similar to honey-glazed chicken wings.
With Tanyu Casserole, you can prepare this dish at home!
Tanyu 2.1L Casserole is ideal for this recipe.
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Braised Cola Wings

  • 12 pcs Chicken Mid-joint Wings
  • 3 stalks Spring Onion
  • 3 tbsp Light Soya Sauce
  • 2 tbsp Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Rice Wine / Hua Diao Wine
  • 1 tbsp Cooking Oil
  • 1 dash Black Pepper
  • 100ml Coca Cola

Step 1

Heat Tanyu 2.1L Casserole on low heat for about 5 seconds before cooking.

Step 2
Add the spring onion stalks and stir fry until fragrant.

Step 3
Add the chicken wings and sear till golden brown.

Step 4
Add cooking oil around the wings. Next, add the soya sauce and teriyaki sauce, and stir fry till fragrant. Then add rice wine and black pepper.

Step 5
Pour the coca cola in and close the lid. Keeping the lid on, simmer for 15 minutes under medium heat until the sauce is reduced.

Step 6
Serve hot and pair up with some greens for a balanced meal!

Recipe and photo credits: Tanyu