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“There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”
This well-known quote motivates women to take the basic steps to beauty care.
Here, we share tips from basic care to anti-ageing and brightening, from the experts at well-researched brands.

Beauty Tips from Laneige

If you’re looking for a sign to go the extra mile on your skincare today, this is it!
End your work-from-home day with the moisturising Cream Skin Refiner that tones and refines, then layer on the restorative Cica Sleeping Mask before you call it a night.
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Follow these tips for the best results!

Cream Skin Refiner
Its unique Cream Blending Technology™ combines benefits of both cream and toner to satisfy your skin’s hydration needs, and White Leaf Tea Water strengthens your skin barrier, restoring your skin to its healthy condition.


[Normal to Dry Skin Users]
In the morning and evening, at the toner stage, dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and gently pat until absorbed.

[Oily to Combination Skin Users]
In the morning and evening, at the toner stage, dispense an appropriate amount on a cotton pad, gently wipe the face starting from the inside of skin and working outward, in the direction of skin texture.

[Use as a Moisturising Toner Pack]
Wet cotton pads with Cream Skin to use as a moisturising toner pack.
Leave the pack on for about 2 minutes and remove. Pat the remaining Cream Skin until absorbed to feel the instant soothing and moisturising effect on the skin.

[Use as a Mist to Refill Moisture and Add Glow!]
Try using Cream Skin as a mist.
Spray whenever skin feels dry or after applying makeup.
You will not only enjoy the moisturising effect but also a naturally glowing look.


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Cica Sleeping Mask
Make the most out of the golden time during your sleep to improve your skin! The powerful cica ingredient ‘Forest Yeast’ reinforces the skin barrier overnight and helps to create healthy skin that withstands external irritation.


Step 1
Apply this in your last skincare routine every night.
Step 2
Take an adequate amount and place on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw.
Step 3
Gently apply along the skin texture from the center of your face toward the sides.
Step 4
Go to sleep without washing your face. (Wash in the morning)
Step 5
Layer it 2-3 times for better soothing effect if the skin is particularly irritated and feels dry.