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“There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”
This well-known quote motivates women to take the basic steps to beauty care.
Here, we share tips from basic care to anti-ageing and brightening, from the experts at well-researched brands.

Beauty Tips from Elizabeth Arden

Did you know pre-biotics and probiotics are good for your skin?
While you stay home and WFH, pamper your skin!
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Pre-biotics and probiotics are good for your skin. Use the Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skincare Renewal Booster every day before applying the rest of your skincare to boost their efficacy.

Protect and repair your skin with Elizabeth Arden's multi-tasking wonder. The Eight Hour Cream® Skin Protectant provides complete hydration every day, every way.

Up your anti-aging skincare game. With Elizabeth Arden's Vitamin C Radiance Renewal Serum and PREVAGE® Anti-aging Daily Serum, pamper your skin and leave it radiant and youthful as ever.

Feel the Difference with Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Replenishing HydraGel Complex. Top off your skincare routine with this hydrating moisturizer for an extra radiant boost.