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“There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”
This well-known quote motivates women to take the basic steps to beauty care.
Here, we share tips from basic care to anti-ageing and brightening, from the experts at well-researched brands.

Reawaken your skin’s sensors. Illuminate your skin’s radiance. Focus on the neuroscience of your skin’s senses.
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As Phase 1 of safe reopening has started, some of us may be heading out more frequently—for work, to visit family or simply for more exercise out in the nature. No matter the reason, it’s essential to protect your skin against harmful UV rays!

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Did you know that anti-ageing skincare should start as early as your 20s to delay the appearance of wrinkles?

Estée Lauder
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Elizabeth Arden
Did you know pre-biotics and probiotics are good for your skin?