The legacy of Rene Dreyfuss, master horologist, is celebrated with Dreyfuss & Co, a collection of handmade Swiss timepieces.

Watch making is an art, which, like all art, cannot be hurried. Methodical and rigorous, the watch making process is measured and meticulous, for there is no margin for error.

The act of creation, by hand, ensures each watch is as individual as its creator and its owner. Steeped in tradition and inspired by historical events in the life of Rene Dreyfuss, each Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is meticulously handcrafted to ensure that every piece is as individual as the wearer. The Dreyfuss & Co in-house design team’s aim has always been to push the limits of creativity, technology and craftsmanship, while remaining committed to the respect for tradition and inventiveness.

Most of our favourite Swiss watches here at Dreyfuss &Co feature an automatic movement.

What this means is that the watches power comes from the motion of your own wrist – the kinetic energy is stored in the watch for up to 36 hours, so…. Batteries aren’t included with Dreyfuss & Co watches; that’s because you don’t need them!

In the caseback of a Dreyfuss & Co automatic watch, you’ll see the intricate detail that powers the watch, all the gears and springs that spin into action with all the energy it is fed. It is a magnificent feat of engineering and manufacturing to make this technology possible, and amazing it fits on your wrist!

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